3 Things a Celebrity Wedding Planner Knows About Brides That New Wedding Planners Don’t


Wedding Planners need to understand what brides really want

If you are new to wedding planning and just starting to work with brides, there are things that celebrity and other experienced wedding planners know about brides that you may not. In his column in the July/August 2013 issue of Bridal Guide magazine, celebrity wedding planner David Tutera shared some things he has learned about brides over the past 25 years. His insights may help you.

Here are 3 things you need to know about brides:

1) They sometimes don’t accurately tell you the style of the wedding they want

David’s example is a bride telling him she wanted a modern wedding then showing photographs of very traditional and classic styles.

Different people can interpret words like “classic,” “traditional,” “modern,” “rustic,” “vintage,” and “boho-chic” very differently. In order to really understand a bride’s style, ask to see photos she has collected from magazines or get a link to her Pinterest board. Also ask questions about her choices in fashion and interior design and find out what the couple does for fun. The answers will help you and their other wedding vendors personalize a wedding.

2) They have no idea what wedding vendors need to do to give them what they want

Often times brides look at what professional wedding vendors charge for items such as wedding cake design, large floral centerpieces, and planning a wedding, and think prices are high because they don’t know about all of the work that needs to go on to give them what they want.

You don’t want to give every detail of what you do, but share with your brides some of what you do “behind-the-scenes” to help them understand your value.

3) They say they want something unique but often end up with something traditional

David will really encourage a bride to step outside-the-box, not to to something outrageous, but to add elements to her wedding that put a personal touch on her big day so it is unlike any other bride’s.

You also need to make sure that all of the weddings you plan are unique and express your couple’s personalities.

Check out the article in the magazine to get more insights about working with brides from David Tutera.

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    I always feel bad when a bride ends up making traditional choices when, during the planning process, she always leaned toward some other style of options. You just know some well-meaning friend or family member talked her into what they thought “should” be done.

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