New Wedding Planners – 4 More Tips for Creating An “About Me” Page That Attracts Brides


As a new wedding planner, one of the first things you’ll do to market your wedding planning business is put up a website. Earlier this year, I wrote a post with 4 Tips For Creating Your “About Me” Page and I’m still getting requests for what to do.

So here are 4 more tips for completing this important page for your website and/or blog:

1) Resist mentioning that this is a new business

You might have just started your wedding planning business, but chances are you have already planned a number of weddings and other events or you would not have become a wedding planner. By writing that your business is brand new, brides get the impression that you are a new planner and they may bypass you.

2) Don’t feature photos of you in your wedding dress on this or any page

The photo on your “About Me” page should be a professional headshot of you in business attire.

Photos of your wedding should not be on your website. This will lead brides to believe that the only wedding you have ever planned is your own. (Which, hopefully, since you are providing professional wedding planning services, isn’t true.)

3) Stick to information about you

Information about the services and packages you offer should be on pages about your services. A bride is on this page looking for information about who you are.

4) Keep it short

I don’t mean you can only write a few sentences, I’m just suggesting you not make it longer than a few paragraphs.

This is a page in which you tell a bride enough about yourself and your wedding planning expertise to make her want to contact you. There isn’t a need to list all of the education and jobs you’ve had before you studied wedding planning.

Remember, the bride is reviewing your website and reading this page thinking, “How is this relevant to me?” So make sure the information you share would be important to a bride. You tell her more about your background when you meet.

Don’t forget to include your name and contact information – you would be surprised at the number of new wedding planners who forget to do this – and ask the reader to contact you to find out how you can help her have the wedding she wants.



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