5 Ways to Start Your Day Successfully During This Busy Wedding Planning Season



As a wedding planner, this could be one of the busiest times of the year for you. You may be in the midst of coordinating Summer weddings, planning Fall and Winter weddings, and meeting with brides who are interested in helping you plan their Spring and Summer 2013 weddings. Not to mention continuing your marketing efforts so you have clients in the future.

In addition, you might have children who are home on vacation and family who want to come visit during the Summer.

You love living your dream as a wedding planner, but do you start every morning  feeling over-committed and overwhelmed? Then do you go through the day feeling behind on your commitments?

Here are 5 ways to get your mornings off to a good start so your day is more successful:

1) Go to bed early and get plenty of sleep

You’ll have to get a good night’s sleep in order to have the energy, stamina, and clear head you need to remember all the details involved in planning weddings and handling emergencies and emotional brides.

2) Get up early

Successful people get up early. You’ll find that there are fewer distractions early in the day. People usually don’t call until mid or late mornings so you’ll have more time to get your own work organized and done.

3) Spend at least 15 to 30 minutes alone and quiet

Resist the urge to check your social media sites, send texts, or turn on the television to watch the news as soon as you get up.

Instead, meditate, write in a personal journal, study spiritual or law of attraction messages that will uplift you, or exercise, if it helps you feel good.

Having some quiet time to yourself in the morning will clear your head and help you be calmer and more creative during the day.

4) Make checklists and follow them

Write down the things you need to get done during the day. Don’t try to rely on your memory alone, you’ll end up forgetting something important, and usually it’s something you wanted to do for yourself or with your family. 

If day after day you find that you have many more things to do than you can possibly handle, it’s time to hire help.

5) Take some time to eat a nourishing breakfast

Your body needs fuel in the morning to give you energy. Besides, on a busy day when you are planning a wedding, you might not have time to get lunch, so be sure you eat something before you head out the door.

When you get in the habit of starting your mornings off right, you’ll find yourself being calmer and getting more done during the rest of the day.

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