4 Wedding Planner Secrets You Don’t Want To Share



With all of the wedding “reality” shows on television today, it sometimes seems as if there are no secrets about weddings, brides, wedding planning, or wedding planners that haven’t already been seen and spoken about on television and on the Internet.

However, this does not mean that we should be sharing confidential information and our own secrets about a wedding to others. The couple and their guests don’t need to know all of the behind-the-scenes drama that might have taken place to give them a memorable event.

Here are 4 secrets you don’t want to share:

1)  Emergencies and other problems that may occur during the wedding

Whether the wedding cake slides off the table and has to be repaired, you have to quickly replace a sick DJ, or maybe something worse, guests should not know what is happening or what you have to do to save the day. Part of your duties are to solve emergencies and last-minute problems without involving the bride and her guests. Quietly and calmly handle all upsets so they don’t become disasters that no one will forget.

2) Problems you may have with other vendors or with your own assistants

Any personality conflicts that come up should not be seen or heard. If vendors are not sticking to their contacts or your own team is not doing their job, take them aside to resolve the issue – without drama. Remember that the goal of the day is for the wedding to be a happy, festive occasion for the bride and groom and their guests.

3) The bride’s budget and how much anything costs

A guest may catch your attention and “innocently” ask what it costs to hire you or have a similar wedding. Never reveal any information about your bride’s expenses. Be pleasant but firm about protecting confidential client information and suggest they talk to you at another time if they are interested in hiring you for an event.

4) How you feel about the bride or her style

If you have found your bride difficult to work with or hated her tastes and sense of style, keep silent. Don’t make any unflattering comments about the bride or any of the wedding party. Don’t tell people what you might have done differently or better.

Remember, even if people have seen what they think is the behind-the-scenes, highly dramatic “reality” of wedding planning on television, it doesn’t mean that is alright for them to see what you do. Keep your secrets about the fabulous weddings that you plan to yourself.

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