5 Bad Business Habits That Will Stop You From Becoming a Top Wedding Planner


Break these bad habits to become a successful wedding planner

You may have just started your wedding planning business but it’s possible that you’ve already developed some bad business habits that will prevent you from having the successful business that you want.

Here are 5 bad business habits wedding planners often have and how you can break, or avoid, them.

Bad Habit #1 – They don’t appear confident

When you’re a new wedding planner, don’t begin your conversations with, “I’m new.” Chances are you started your business after successfully planning weddings and other types of events for free, so you have experience. Be confident that the experience you have and the fresh perspective you bring as a new wedding planner can make you a valuable asset to brides.

Bad Habit #2 – They overshare details about their personal lives

Just because brides and vendors “friend” you on social media doesn’t mean they’re your friends. Whether online or in person, always make sure you come across as a professional. You don’t want any bride to think that you are so focused on your personal life that you aren’t doing your best for her.

Bad Habit #3 – They don’t follow up

Not every bride will want to hire you but don’t ignore them after just one contact. Follow up with emails and/or postcards so they keep you in mind and if their circumstances change, they’ll remember you and know how to get in touch with you.

Bad Habit #4 – They underestimate the importance of offline marketing

Online marketing is very popular and you need to be active on social media and have a website and blog. However most brides won’t automatically find you online. You need to attend business and social events and participate in bridal events in your local area so people in your community can get to know you. And, always be sure you have business cards and brochures with your online information for anyone who might want to find out more about you.

Bad Habit #5 – They don’t keep track of their finances

You may need to raise your rates or offer higher-end services in order to make a profit but you won’t know unless you keep track of your finances.

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