5 Big Mistakes New Wedding Planners Make When Meeting With Brides


Costly Mistakes New Wedding Planners Want to Avoid

Many new planners make big mistakes in their first meetings with brides that stop them from getting hired. Here are 5 of them along with tips on how you can avoid doing the same thing.

Mistake # 1 – They spend too much time chatting and trying to become “friends” with the bride

You want to get to know the bride but you don’t need to be her friend. You want her to see you as an expert and a professional who can help her plan the wedding she wants. Aim to create trust and rapport, not friendship.

Mistake #2 – They don’t find out who is paying for the ceremony

You can meet with a bride, she might love you and want to hire you, but if she isn’t the one paying for the wedding, she may not be the one deciding who to hire to plan her wedding. The people who are paying for the wedding should be at your meeting and be the ones signing your contract.

Mistake #3 – They don’t ask about the wedding budget

It’s not always easy to bring up the subject of money but you need to know upfront what her wedding budget is. This will help both you and her know if you are right for each other.

Mistake #4 – They presume they know what the bride needs

Every bride is different. Take the time to listen and find out not only her wedding vision but also what she needs a wedding planner to provide to her.

Mistake #5 – They bring up objections before the bride does

New wedding planners have a tendency to apologize for what they believe a bride may object to, even before a bride opens her mouth. For example, “I know I’m new but. . .” or “I know my rates seem high but. . .” A bride may be fine with the fact that you are new but if you bring it up it may show her that you doubt your own abilities. As far as your rates, don’t assume they are higher than she is willing to pay. Just tell her the benefits of your services and how much you charge for them.

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