5 Mistakes New Wedding Planners Make When They Start Their Businesses and How To Avoid Them


Avoid These 5 Mistakes That New Wedding Planners Make

One of the best ways to learn to be a successful wedding planner is to learn from the mistakes that other wedding planners make when started their businesses.

So here are 5 mistakes new wedding planners make and how you can avoid them

1) They randomly choose their target market

I’ve had new wedding planners tell me they selected a niche because they thought it would make them money or because someone else thought it was a good one. They had no idea about whether or not it was a niche that was interested in their services and willing to buy them.

You have to do the research needed to find a target market who is willing to pay for your services. Once you have done that you can create a marketing plan that is successful at attracting them to you.

2) They try to be everything to all brides

New wedding planners often are so eager to work with brides that they take everyone on as a client. They end up working hard for a lot less money than they deserve taking work that isn’t lucrative, working for brides who don’t respect them or treat them well, and giving their services away at deeply discounted rates.

You can’t grow a successful business by taking on every opportunity that comes along. Review your services and only offer ones that are profitable and don’t be afraid to charge what you are worth.

3) They chase the latest marketing trends and never stick to anything

A new wedding planner had asked me to work with her on her follow-up marketing after she exhibited in a bridal show. We planned a way to sort and use her mailing list to send out a series of postcards. I also gave her advice on her website and some of her online marketing so she could increase her visibility.

The next thing I know she was calling because she wanted advice on doing streaming video on her website. She had abandoned the plans for the mailing. She later wrote that she was not doing well and may have to give up her business.

There is nothing wrong with trying different marketing methods. But first do the research to find out what method of marketing will attract your target market, set a goal, give it time to work, then review your results. Don’t abandon your efforts without first giving them the time they need to bring you the results you want.

4) They allow the fear of rejection to stop them

Many aspiring and new wedding planners are afraid to go out and meet brides. They fear people won’t like them when they are new. And true, some may not. But not all brides will base their decisions on how long you have been in business. They may also look at your knowledge and skills, the unique services you offer and whether or not you would be someone they would be comfortable working with.

There are brides who need your talents and skills to help them with their weddings, don’t be afraid to go out and meet them.

5) They quit too soon

New wedding planners often want to quit after they see that they have made a few mistakes. They believe their mistakes mean they are failures at having a wedding planning business.

But every top wedding planner has made and still makes mistakes when running their businesses. They use their mistakes as learning opportunities then apply what they learn to be successful. They don’t give up and neither should you.


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