5 More Traits of Successful Wedding Planners


Dedication is One Trait of Successful Wedding Planners

I recently wrote about 5 personality traits that top wedding planners share and received emails asking me for more.

So, here are 5 more traits that they share and why I think they are important to your success:

1) Dedicated and willing to work anytime

Being a wedding planner is a lot less glamorous than it looks like in the movies! You need to be willing to work long hours, not just on the day of the wedding but also on the days and weeks leading up to it. In fact, before you even get close to the big day you may be meeting brides for consultations evenings and nights in order to accommodate their work schedules. And, you definitely will be working on weekends since most wedding are on Saturdays.

2) Flexible

Brides change their minds, vendors don’t meet their commitments, the weather doesn’t always cooperate – successful wedding planners know that anything can change and are they willing to go with the flow.

3) Diplomatic

When things don’t go as planned, people can get emotional, but you need to be able to handle every situation calmly and professionally. You don’t want anyone to ruin your bride’s wedding and you don’t want to ruin your own reputation.

4) Budget manager

Not only do you need to be able to manage and control wedding budgets for your brides, you also need to oversee your own budget to make sure your business is profitable.

5)  Honest

Of course, you need to be honest and ethical in all your transactions with brides and vendors.

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