5 Things A Bride Looks For When Selecting A Wedding Planner


5 Things A Bride Looks For When Selecting A Wedding Planner

In the Spring 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, Harmony Walton, owner of The Bridal Bar, gives advice to brides on how to select the right wedding vendors. If the brides you want are readers of the magazine, you’ll want to pay attention to what she has to say.

Here are 5 things a bride will be looking for as she selects her wedding planner:

1) Recommendations from recent clients

After planning a wedding, ask couples if  they are willing to let you give their contact information to potential clients. Most won’t have a problem recommending you when they have had a great experience.

2) A diverse portfolio

If photos from all you the weddings you have planned look the same, it’s a red flag to the bride that you can only do things one way and she may not get the wedding of her dreams. It will look like you don’t have the creative ability or the vendor network needed to deliver something different.

3) Relationships with venues

A bride knows that the better you know a venue, the more likely it is that you know the style and setup that works well in the space. In addition, she knows she will benefit because you know the staff, have a good rapport with them, and can easily negotiate for the things she wants.

4) Ability to work within a given budget

A bride looks for someone who respects her budget and has creative ways for her to achieve her wedding vision within her limit.

5) Someone who is easy to work with

A bride can be afraid that hiring a wedding planner means she will lose control to someone who will not allow her to have any say in the outcome. Today a bride wants her personal touch in every detail of her event so be a good listener, offer personalized suggestions, and let her know you can help her create the wedding she wants.

Read the article and get more insights into what brides may be looking for when they hire you.

Learn what brides are being told to look for when selecting their wedding vendors


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