5 Tips For Selling Your Wedding Planning Services To “Gen Y” Brides


Many of you are marketing your wedding planning services to brides who are in their 20’s and 30’s, members of Generation Y (Gen Y). In the current issue of Success magazine, Jason Dorsey, who is an expert in selling to Gen Y’ers, offered tips for selling to people in this age group.

Here are 4 of his tips which I applied to selling wedding planning services:

1) Make your services sound special to them

Have you ever noticed how many articles there are in bridal magazines that tell brides how to personalize their weddings? Follow their lead. Your marketing should highlight the fact that with your expertise and the services you offer, their weddings can be special and unique like they are.

2) Make everything simple and easy

With current technology, information and people are easily accessible with a click of a mouse or the touch of a button, so be sure brides will find it easy to do business with you. Your website and blog should have your name and contact information so brides know how to contact you. Don’t make them search Google to find you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn when they want to learn more about you, instead post links from your sites so it will only take one click to connect to you on social media sites.

3) Present the end result first and work backwards

Show and tell the benefits of what the bride will get when she works with you, before you tell her all of the details about how you will do it. You need to catch a bride’s attention early or she will lose interest before you get to the results.

4) Show photos and videos of people like them

Don’t just talk about what you can do. Show brides photos of other brides who look like them enjoying themselves at the weddings you have planned. The photos pull them in and help them feel like they can trust you.

Post the photos on your website, blog and social media sites. When you meet with a bride, show a photo presentation on your iPad or laptop or print your photos and place them in your portfolio. If you have an office where you meet with brides, hang photos of weddings you have planned, this is more important to Gen Y brides than diplomas and certificates.

The article also mentioned that Gen Y’ers love to refer their friends so when a bride has a great experience with you, you can look forward to getting many referrals.

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