New Wedding Planners – 5 Types of Wedding Vendors You Don’t Want In Your Network


5 Types Of Wedding Vendors You Don't Want To Hire

As a new wedding planner you’ll be looking for wedding vendors you can rely on to work with you to plan weddings. I’ve found that many new planners are too eager to add the first vendors they meet into their networks and they end up being frustrated and angry when they don’t work out.

There are many excellent vendors in every area of wedding specialization so there is no need to compromise when selecting vendors. After all, you want the best for your brides, so thoroughly get to know another vendor and their work before you add them to your network and recommend them to your brides.

Here are 5 types of wedding vendors you don’t want in your network:

Type #1 – They presume they know what you and your brides want

The wedding vendors you want to work with will listen to you and your bride tell them about the wedding before they recommend any services.

Type #2 – They make you feel stupid

Although you will have some knowledge of what other wedding vendors do, you won’t be an expert in other fields. That’s why you need their help. However, no matter how little you know about their work, never let anyone speak to you, or your brides, in a condescending manner.

Type #3 – They work “under the table”

You want professionals who have the proper business licenses and permits that they need to legally run their type of wedding businesses.

Type #4 – They are unreliable

The vendors you work with should show up for meetings on time and promptly return phone calls and emails. You shouldn’t work with anyone who gives a lot of excuses for not making their commitments.

Type #5 – They are dishonest

Never work with vendors who are willing to cheat anyone, whether it’s another vendor, a bride or anyone else.

Don’t forget, if you demand excellence from the vendors in your network, you must also be excellent. You need to be a high-quality professional wedding planner who is an expert at what you do and always provides superb customer service.

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    As always, great advice! I love networking and connecting to other pros, but I am careful on who I endorse!


    Hi Samantha,

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you are careful, that means you have some very happy brides.

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