7 Traits Top Wedding Planners Look For In An Intern


Get a Wedding Planner Intern Position

Celebrity wedding and event designer David Tutera often posts requests for interns for his New York City office on one of his Facebook Pages. What a great opportunity for someone!

But, if you’re not near his office, you can still find an internship. With Engagement Season just around the corner, many busy wedding planners will begin their search for people who can help them.

If you’re interested in being an intern, look for information on websites, blogs and social media sites of the top planners in your area or reach out to them yourself. But before you contact anyone, make sure you have the qualifications you need to be an intern.

Here are 7 traits most top wedding planners look for in an intern:

1) Good oral and written communication skills

You may be asked to answer phones, talk to vendors, talk to clients, take notes during meetings, write and send emails and write thank you letters. A planner will be able to tell how good you are in these areas when he/she reads your cover letter and your resume and interviews you.

2) Detail-oriented

It goes without saying that you must be someone who pays close attention to everything and won’t miss any detail of a wedding.

3) Knowledge of and experience with social media

Many planners rely on some social media to market their businesses. Your knowledge and experience in writing blog posts, using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will help you, if you have presented yourself as a responsible person on these sites. (Yes, they will check out your presence on the Internet.)

4) Experience with scheduling

Busy planners will need you to help them set up and coordinate meetings with clients and vendors. You’ll need to be able to juggle and coordinate calendars.

5) Ability to multi-task

Wedding planners need to be able to smoothly handle multiple weddings and multiple tasks within each wedding and they expect their assistants and interns to be able to do it also.

6) Ability to meet deadlines

There is no such thing as not being ready for a wedding on the wedding day. You must be someone who respects deadlines and always meets them.

7) Experience in events

You don’t need to be an expert but any experience you’ve had in planning events for school, work, your place of worship or volunteer organizations is helpful.

If you’re sending  resumes to a few different wedding planners, make sure your cover letter includes information specific to their company and highlights the skills and accomplishments that you have that meets their criteria.

And if you want more help to become a top wedding planner, sign in to get my ezine “Wedding Planner Tips.”


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