8 Marketing Tips for Event Vendors and Suppliers Who Also Offer Wedding Services


I received a question through my LinkedIn account from a vendor who offers services for a variety of events. They want to to pick up additional business and increase their visibility in the area of weddings. These are some of the tips I gave to them.

Here are 8 ways to increase visibility to brides:

1) Dedicate someone on your staff to handle the wedding side of your business

Working with weddings is very specialized, you need someone educated in the wedding business to be on your staff who can speak the language of weddings. They need to be able to talk to brides and others in the wedding industry.

2) Put the name and photo of your wedding specialist in your online and offline marketing

Brides like a personal touch and want to be able to connect with you on a personal level, not as a company.

3) Have a separate website just to showcase you wedding services and products

It is best to keep your wedding services information totally separate from your other types of business. However, if this is not possible, I mention some alternatives.

4) Put a button on your home page that links to your page on weddings

If weddings are just one of a number of different services you offer, it will be lost on your navigation menu. In order to emphasize it, add a button on your home page that readers can click on to go straight to your wedding information.

5) Do some keyword research for your website

Make sure you have the correct title tag and meta tags for your wedding pages for good search engine optimization.

6) Information about the services you offer for weddings should include benefits

Don’t just have a list of the features of your services in your marketing materials, tell brides why using your services would be of benefit to them.

7) Make videos about your wedding services

Post them on your site and on YouTube, the second most popular search site. (Google is number one.)

8 ) Attend and/or exhibit at bridal fairs

You will meet some brides and other wedding vendors with whom you might be able to exchange referrals.

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