8 Tips for Getting and Using Great Testimonials For Your Wedding Planning Business


As a wedding planner, you know the power of having testimonials from brides and probably have already posted a few on your website.

Did you know that not all testimonials carry the same weight with potential clients? The best ones tell stories of problems brides had that you helped them solve. Brides looking for a wedding planner are more likely to contact you when they can relate to the stories and believe that you might be able to help them too.

Here are 8 tips for getting and using testimonials when marketing your wedding planning business:

1 ) Ask for them shortly after the wedding

Request testimonials before your couples forget about the benefits of the great service you gave them.

One successful wedding planner I know gets glowing video testimonials from her brides and grooms as soon as their reception is over. She then posts the videos immediately on her Facebook page. These videos have attracted a lot of business for her.

2 ) Get specific details about why they appreciated your services

Vague comments such as, “very professional” or “great,” aren’t as powerful as a bride sharing specific details on how you helped her and why she is recommending you.

3 ) Don’t be afraid to make suggestions

Many times a bride will want to give you a testimonial but won’t know what to say. You don’t want to put words in her mouth, but you can ask questions that will help her. For example ask her to mention what wedding planning might have been like without your services and contrast it with the experience she had with you. Or ask her to talk about what she liked best about using your services.

4 ) Use real names

Don’t make up names. Ask for permission to use a testimonial and make sure the bride and groom understand and agree with the amount of information you are sharing about their wedding.

5 ) Include photos

When possible, use a photo of the bride and groom at their wedding next their testimonial. This will help your brides identify with the couple and give their words more credibility. Be sure you get permission to use the photograph from the bride and groom and the photographer (and give him or her credit for the pictures that you use).

6 ) Stick to testimonials from weddings

You may be also planning baby parties or corporate events but brides want to read testimonials from other brides.

7 ) Use them throughout your website

There is a chance that someone will not look at a “Testimonial” page so be sure you also scatter them throughout your website so brides can read about your past successes.

8 ) Only use real testimonials

You want to be honest so it’s better to not have any testimonials than to have fake ones. And don’t heavily edit the ones that you get. You want the testimonials to truly represent the feelings of the couples who gave them to you.

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