A Celebrity Wedding Planner's Tips


Colin Cowie Wedding Chic

Celebrity wedding Planner and lifestyle guru Colin Cowie gave some chic wedding tips at his presentation at AmericasMart in Atlanta in January.  Some of his ideas are for more extravagant weddings than you might do on a regular basis such as have the bride light an antique canon to kick off fireworks, plan a reception with a 7’2″ cake that resembled antique jasperware or oversee 300 waiters for 600 wedding guests.  But there were tips that you, as a wedding planner, that you can use frequently:

  • Use a clambake theme for receptions
  • Use different linens and floral arrangements for each tabletop (he used nautical, Aztec-Indian and blue toile designs at one reception)
  • Suggest brides spend their money and resources where guests will spend the most time
  • Treat your staff with respect

Find out more about his presentation on the Times-Herald website.

Check out Colin Cowie’s latest book, Wedding Chic, at amazon.com.


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