Action Plan for a Successful Wedding Planning Business – Part 2


Wedding Planner Working on Action Plan for 2010

In my last post, we reviewed what you accomplished this year.

Today, I suggest that you make a list of things you wish you had done differently in 2009 and the things you need to do in 2010 to be successful.

Here are some examples to help you get started:

  • You learned how to start a business, but you still need to do it
  • You found a niche market but have discovered that it is not one that will be as profitable for you as you had thought
  • You want to spend less time keeping up with technology and administrative work
  • Your marketing needs to reach more people
  • You are need more balance in your life
  • You need more referrals
  • You would like to expand your vendor network
  • You would like to find more clients and make more profit from the weddings you plan

When writing this list, it is important not to beat yourself up for things that you may not have done or that did not work out as well as you had hoped. Don’t look back, it doesn’t help you move forward into success. Just use the information to encourage you to act differently in the future.

Next time, Part 3 – writing your goals and action plan.

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