Advertising Your Wedding Planning Business – Yellow Pages


When you become a wedding planner and get a phone line from your local phone company, you’ll get a call from a Yellow Pages salespeople attempting to sell you advertising. Before the days of the Internet, the Yellow Pages were the one place where businesses of every type would advertise in hopes of getting new clients.

Years ago I bought an ad in the Yellow Pages. I got one client from it and I made a little more than the cost of having the ad for a year. I found that people using the Yellow Pages were usually just “shopping”, they were not qualified buyers. Most calls were people asking about my prices, the names of vendors I use and I received calls from people wanting to sell things to me.

Today most brides check the Internet and ask friends for referrals rather than use the Yellow Pages. Before you spend any money, study your niche market, find out what marketing message and type of advertising would attract them. Invest your advertising dollars only in the media that will bring you the most qualified clients.

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