Are You Allowing Criticism to Ruin Your Dream of Becoming a Top Wedding Planner?


You’ve started your wedding planning business and now you’re in the public eye, marketing yourself on the Internet, exhibiting at bridal shows, and networking in business and social groups. And, you’ve probably discovered that by putting yourself out in public you’ve opened yourself up to public scrutiny and criticism. Before you let negative feedback make you feel inadequate and think you need to give up on your dream of becoming a top wedding planner, take a deep breath. You need to understand what the feedback really means and what you should do about it:

1) Someone disagrees or is critical of something you posted on a social media site or your blog

You want people making comments, it means they are reading your information and finding it so compelling that they are moved to make a comment. While you may wish all comments agree with your point of view, everyone has a different opinion and some like to voice their opinions publicly. If possible, hide or delete anything that is offensive. Don’t fire back any negative comments in return, stay professional and, as hard as it may seem at the time, let it go. Their comments are more a reflection of who they are, not of you.

2) You seem to be losing followers on your social media sites or on your email list

Too much is often made of getting the largest number of followers and subscribers possible. What you really want is a large number of brides who are interested in what you have to say and are potential clients. People who “unfollow” you or unsubscribe from your list aren’t planning to buy from you so don’t be upset when they leave.

3) A bride is critical of your work and doesn’t hesitate to tell you

It can be upsetting when a client isn’t happy. Listen to what she has to say, sometimes a bride just wants someone to listen to her. Whether or not you were to blame, work with her to resolve the issue. When it is behind you, figure out what you can do differently so it doesn’t happen again.

The longer you are in business, the greater the possibility that you will be getting negative feedback. Learn from it but don’t allow it to lower your self-esteem and your desire to have a successful business.

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