Are You Incorporating the Top Summer 2012 Wedding Trends?


Are you keeping up with the top wedding trends of the season? Not all of them might work or even be pleasing to the brides in you niche, but it’s important for you to know what is popular. This way, you can speak about the trends and find creative ways to incorporate them into your brides, weddings, if they watn them.

The Huffington Post just published an article on the 12 top summer wedding trends for 2012. They show that more and more, couples are choosing to have their wedding details highlight their tastes and personality rather than follow all of the traditional rules.

Here are 5 of the trends:

1) Unique invitations

Invitations give guests their first peek at the style, theme, ambiance, and formality of the wedding. Your brides may be turning to custom stationery houses, graphic designers, or sites such as etsy to help them create  this important piece.

2) Designer Decor

Chiavari chairs are no longer the only style brides want. To match their wedding themes, brides are selecting modern designer styles such as those made of metal. Clear lucite “ghost” chairs are also popular because they easily work with any color theme. (Most event rental companies can get these for you by special order if they don’t already have them in their warehouse.)

3) Table props

Centerpieces go beyond flowers and candles and now include props such as books and figurines, items that are related to the theme of the wedding. Check event rental companies and theatrical prop houses for suitable items. Or, sometimes it is less expensive to purchase items, especially vintage ones, from consignment shops, flea markets, and thrift stores.

4) Non-flower bridal bouquets

Last year ushered in the popularity of the brooch bouquet. Today, brides are selecting bouquets made of paper, felt, and buttons. The one above is from my Twitter friend, I Heart Buttons in the UK.

5) DIY desserts

Years ago we had the mashed potato bar in which guests got martini glasses filled with mashed potatoes and helped themselves to assorted toppings. Now weddings have dessert bars which give guests the opportunity to make their own ice cream sundaes, top their own brownies, or decorate their own cupcakes.

You can read more about summer wedding trends in the Huffington Post.

What big trends are attracting your brides this summer?

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