Become a Top Wedding Planner – “Mini-Truck” Theme on “My Fair Wedding”


What would you do if you had a tomboy bride whose wedding theme was mini-trucks? Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera felt stumped when he saw the bride’s collection of wedding accessories that included truck magazines and miniature versions of mini trucks that were placed on candleholders. There was nothing wedding appropriate. The bride had chosen the theme because she and her fiance had met at a mini truck event and it was their hobby.

David helped the bride embrace her feminine side for herself and her wedding. He gave her a new wedding dress from his collection. It was the Chelsea, which is a copy of the Vera Wang wedding dress that Chelsea Clinton wore for her wedding last year. (The bride also tried on the Lea and the Madison.)

The bridesmaids, who previously were wearing black mismatched dresses that they already owned, were given cobalt blue dresses by Faviana. The blue was chosen to match the color of the groom’s mini truck since David had chosen that as a wedding color. (The photo below is one of the Faviana dresses that a bridesmaid tried on.)

The wedding venue for both the ceremony and the reception was the Brooks Institute Sound Stage in Ventura, California. For the ceremony, the space was draped and guests sat around a rotating stage, like a stage you would see at a car show, on which the bride, groom and officiant stood. After the ceremony, the drapes were removed and the space was changed into the reception area which was decorated in a modern style in white with chrome, pewter and glass with white lighting and cobalt blue accents. There were flowers but as David said, it was less about flowers and more about “sleek props.” The entire perimeter of the spaces was draped and with the lights turn up, revealed that mini trucks surrounded the entire reception.

The photo at the top is the groom’s cake which is a replica of the bride and groom’s mini truck. It was made by The Butter End Cakery, who also made the cake for David Tutera’s Day of the Dead” themed wedding


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