Become a Top Wedding Planner – 3 Tips on Wedding Centerpieces from a Celebrity Event Designer


The event designer for La La Vazquez’s wedding, Ed Libby, shared some ideas ideas for selecting the correct centerpieces for a wedding reception in the February 2011 issue of Brides magazine.

Here are 3 tips that will help you select the perfect centerpieces with your brides:

1) Make sure they reflect the couple’s style and personality

Guests will be looking at the centerpiece all evening and it is one of the items of decor that most guests will comment on. So, when you and your bride work with a florist to design the pieces, see that the bride is selecting something that is a reflection of her style and tastes and not just something copied out of a magazine or that the florist wants to design.

2) The bride should know what she doesn’t like as well as what she does

In order to be very thorough in finding out what the bride really wants for her wedding, it’s important to know both likes and dislikes as far as colors, scents, textures, shapes, fashion styles and flowers.  Some wedding vendors ask only what a bride likes and end up not getting the total picture of her vision. In fact, you might get more information when asking her for her dislikes since a bride often has a clearer, stronger opinioin about the things she doesn’t want in her wedding than what she does.

3) Remember to decorate the cocktail hour space

If the cocktail hour is in a different space from the reception, remind the bride that she needs to also decorate this space, this is a detail many people forget that you, as the wedding planner, should remember. Ed suggested that the bride need not spend a lot of money, since people will not be in this area for a very long time, just have “one big ‘wow’ piece – a potted tree, or an impressive urn arrangement – and candlelight” (use battery operated candles is areas that do not allow flames, there are very nice ones now that even look like they are flickering).

You can get more centerpiece ideas in the magazine.

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