Become a Top Wedding Planner – How Would You Design a “Rocker Vintage Chic” Wedding? 

In Friday’s episode of  TLC’s “Battle of the Wedding Designers”, three top professional wedding designers were charged with designing a wedding for a couple who wanted a “rocker vintage chic” wedding that was “dark, rock and roll and romantic without being goth,”  for their 120 guests on a budget of $30,000. The designers needed to come up with theme, ceremony site, reception site, food, flowers and cake.

Here are their interpretations:

“Rolling Hot Cars and Rooftop Wedding Bells”

Set in the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, the designer wowed the bride and groom with the rooftop ceremony site, red, black and white color scheme, classic guitar music, chic cocktail lounge, beautiful cake and the use of a Lamborghini to leave the venue after the wedding.  

But the couple didn’t like the smell of the tar pits on the trip to the location and the reception food. There was only one passed hors d’oeuvre, that they didn’t like, and very small-sized food which would mean guests would need to go back to the buffet table several times before they would get full.

“Two Tickets to Paradise”

The designer chose Paradise Cove in Malibu as the venue and the bride loved the beach, the food and the fact that the designer made the ceremony and wedding all about her. However, on the ride to the location, the bride was shocked to see a mobile home park and port-a-potties and was in tears by the time she reached the parking lot of the site. You’ll see her crying in the video above. The groom was hesitant about having their wedding outdoors because weather is unpredictable.

“Royal Rock Wedding”

Set at The Music Box in Hollywood, the wedding design was a non-traditional theme that the designer choose to appeal to the bride and groom’s rocker side. The couple loved the movie marquee outside the building, the food, which was a “royal feast,” and the flowers, red peonies, calla lilies and roses.

The designer had go-go dancers as part of the entertainment because the groom had mentioned it would be fun. It was definitely something the bride did not want.

Th couple chose the “Royal Rock Wedding” theme. The bride said it was because she knew the designer, Steve Kemble, could turn the venue into exactly what she wanted, “sexy, vampy, rocker chic and still romantic.”



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