Become a Top Wedding Planner – 10 Things To Include in a Simple Wedding Planning Proposal


Wedding Planner Drafts a Proposal

When planning a full service wedding, your proposal and contract should be very detailed, outlining all the services you are providing and the fees you are charging.

However, if you need to put together a short, simple proposal for consulting or a few simple services that have few details, here are 10 things you may want to include:

  1. The name of the bride, groom, and your client, if they are not the bride or groom
  2. The date of the wedding
  3. The services you would provide
  4. The fees you estimate you would charge for your services
  5. The expenses you estimate you would bill them for – this could be long distance calls, postage, etc.
  6. The estimated total of fees and expenses
  7. A statement that says the figure is only an estimate based on the information that they have provided to you at this time and could change with additional information
  8. Your payment terms, the amount you request up front and the dates when the remainder of the money would be due
  9. The expiration date for the proposal
  10. A space for them to sign indicating that they approve of the proposal

Of course, you should attractively lay it out on your letterhead. If you are emailing it, send it as a PDF so it can’t be altered.

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