Become a Top Wedding Planner – 11 Items for the Perfect Wedding Welcome Bags


If you are planning a wedding for a bride who has a lot of out-of-town guests, you might be asked to create welcome bags for them.

Here are 7 things Martha Stewart Destination Weddings and Dream Honeymoons magazine lists that make up the perfect welcome bag and 4 things that I like to add:

Martha’s things-

1) Inexpensive box or bag

You and the bride might want to chose something colorful and reusable so guests can take it with them when they shop and sightsee.

2) Edibles

Try to find something locally made that guests can snack on in their hotel rooms.

3) Souvenir

A fun, inexpensive keepsake with the name of the city, like a magnet shaped like a cowboy boot if the wedding is in San Antonio,Texas.

4) Pampering product

Lip balm, sunscreen or a sleep mask.

5) Toy

A mini version of checkers, a paper airplane kit, just something fun for kids or adults.

6) Map or guide book

Provide a map or guidebook of the local area in case guests have time to explore. You may even be able to pick up some of these things free at your local tourist or visitors bureau or chamber of commerce.

7) Personalized item from the bride and groom

Have the bride and groom create a list or booklet of their favorite places to visit. Or, give guests a deck of playing cards or bottled water that has been personalized with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date.

Additional things I like to include:

1) Welcome note

A short note welcoming the guests to the area and thanking them for traveling to the wedding.

2) Itinerary and invitations

Let guests know the time and place of the rehearsal dinner along with directions on how to get there and any dress code the bride may want to specify. Also, in case guests have forgotten to bring their invitations, remind them of the time and place of the wedding. Include invitations to any events created especially for out-of-town guests and to the after-party and post-wedding brunch, if the couple are having them.

3) Stamped, picture postcard of the area

So guests can send a quick note to a friend or family member.

4) Contact information

Give guests a number to call in case they have questions or an emergency and need to reach someone in the wedding party. It could be your number, if you wish to take this on, or a family member who doesn’t have big responsibilities on the wedding day.

Anything special that you like to include in welcome bags?  Please post a comment.

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