Become a Top Wedding Planner – 12 Tips for Making a Good Impression on Email


Wedding Planner Writing Email

Earlier this week I wrote about the importance of wedding planners having professional voice mail greetings and leaving professional sounding messages for others.

Now I want to bring up the topic of emails, this is also a place where you need to make a good impression with potential clients and vendors. Many people find your website or blog or connect with you on social networking sites and write to you before they call. People might also refer you to others and give you an email address rather than a phone number.

Here are 12 tips for making a good impression:

  1. If you initiate an email, write something in the “Subject” line, don’t leave it empty. If you were referred by someone the recipient knows, mention that here so they will know your email isn’t spam. For example, “Referred by Mary Smith for Planning Weddings”
  2. Start with a salutation – “Dear …” or “Hi …”, whichever is appropriate.
  3. Don’t “cc:” people unless you know all recipients are aware of each other, you could be disclosing private information.
  4. When you are a recipient of a group email, don’t “Reply All” unless you know everyone needs to know your reply.
  5. Make sure you spell names correctly.
  6. Don’t use abbreviations that might be used in “texting” when you send a professional email.
  7. Run a spell check and correct errors.
  8. Read the email aloud and correct mistakes in grammar and any information that might appear unclear.
  9. Remember the recipient is not there to see your face or hear the tone in your voice, don’t make jokes or write anything that could be easily misunderstood when you are not present in person.
  10. If you have a need to rant, write the email but don’t send it immediately. Walk away, return later to read it and make sure you still want to send it.
  11. End your email with “Thank you”, “Best regards”, or another closing.
  12. Include your name and the name and web address of your company. You might also want to include links to your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

Make it a point to answer your emails in a timely manner. People usually expect to hear from you within one business day.

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