Become a Top Wedding Planner – 1920’s Flapper/Steampunk Themed Wedding Ideas from “Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings”


Wedding planners Tori and Dean blended the femininity of the 1920’s flapper with the masculinity of the dapper gentleman of the industrial revolution, steampunk style, in the wedding they planned in last week’s episode of “Tori & Dean: sTORibook Weddings.”

The bride had already purchased her flapper style wedding dress. The groom and  Dean went to Clockwork Couture and found his wedding attire and gifts for his groomsmen, all in the steampunk style (Victorian era and pseudo-Victorian style clothing, pocket watches, gears, brass keys, goggles, and other accessories).

Tori and Dean found the perfect venue for their wedding, the Edison , an event venue that was built in 1910 and actually was the first power plant in downtown Los Angeles. It has retained the look and feel of it’s original era with Art Nouveau and Industrial Gothic styles.

Tori and Dean added a soft touch to the ceremony decor by sprinkling flower petals on either side of the aisle and adding candles to the stairs and the stage where the couple said their vows. (Tip: If your bride wants candles, make sure your venue allows open flames. If they don’t, you can find “flameless” candles that work with batteries and flicker just like real candles.)

The same room was used for the ceremony and the reception. Therefore the furniture and decor all had to be changed during the one hour cocktail hour. (Tip: If you have to turn around a space in an hour, assign each member of your staff specific duties to accomplish so there is no confusion and rehearse before the wedding day. Make sure the vendors involved do the same.)

Dean created a special key box with escort cards attached to old keys.

The wedding cake, by Cakes by the Pound, followed the steampunk theme and was decorated with edible gears and watch movements.

You can find more photos on the Oxygen television network website.

Brides and grooms have all sorts of interests and hobbies. In your initial consultation, find out what they are and strive to incorporate them into the wedding.

In tonight’s episode, Tori and Dean plan an Indian wedding.

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