Become a Top Wedding Planner – Should You Quit Your Job?



I’ve seen websites selling wedding planner courses that tell you to quit your job and become a highly-paid wedding planner. It may be tempting to quit, especially if you’re in a job that you don’t like. Quiting would give you the ability to work on your business full time, but it is not the right thing for everyone to do. 

Here are 3 questions to answer that may help you decide if you can quit now:

1) What would be the impact on your finances if you quit?

It’s great if you have a supportive partner who can carry the financial load while you are starting your business. However, if you are single, or if your family relies on your income, you will need to make sure you have savings available to carry you through your start-up period.

2) Are you working as a wedding or event planner in your spare time?

It’s easier to transition into a full-time business if you already have been doing it. The experience you have will give you a good idea on how well you would do getting enough clients to have a steady flow of income. Also, you may already have a network of vendors with whom you can plan weddings and other events that will help you greatly when you go full-time.

3) What experience have you had running your own business?

If you have had a business in the past, you already know how to manage the finances and handle all of the administrative details that you need to be successful. If you have never been an entrepreneur, you will need to take the time to learn how to set up a business and run it successfully.

Remember that you don’t have to quit your job to become a wedding planner, you can pursue it part-time until you feel comfortable that the money you would be earning full-time can support you and your life style.

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