Become a Top Wedding Planner – 3 Lies You Shouldn’t Believe About Starting a Wedding Planning Business



I recently had a few people write to me who are interested in becoming wedding planners but they’ve heard all sort of things that discourage them. There seems to be some lies about starting a wedding planning business that they are hearing and I want to clear things up:

Lie #1 – In order to make money, you have to plan high-end weddings

The Truth – Yes, wedding planners can make a lot of money planning high-end weddings. But plenty of wedding planners who don’t plan platinum weddings are still successful. They target a specific type of bride or wedding and market to that niche. They get known in their niche and have a steady flow of clients. You probably won’t ever see them on television or read about them in celebrity gossip magazines, but their businesses are very successful and they help a lot of happy brides.

Lie #2 – You need to have a lot of wedding contacts before you start your business

The Truth – Sure, it helps to know some wedding vendors before you start, but it’s not a necessity. If you have a passion for weddings and are willing to go out and build a network of contacts, you can start your business and be successful. When I started, I didn’t have contacts, I had to go out and find them. It’s not that hard, once a few wedding vendors hear you are a wedding planner, the word will get out and you’ll have people knocking on your door.

Lie #3 – You have to start out looking big , spend lots of money on staff and marketing materials from the very beginning

The Truth- Brides need to be able to connect with you on a personal level when you are their wedding planner. Your physical and business appearance needs to be professional and stylish but you don’t need a big office with lots of staff and expensive marketing materials when you start. Brides are looking for honest, creative, organized, experienced professionals who have the skills they need to plan the weddings they want. You need to show them that is who you are but don’t need to go over your budget doing that. Today with Facebook, Twitter and blogs, you can do a lot of marketing online that doesn’t cost you a penny.

Investigate any negative comments people make before you believe that the things they tell you are true.

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