Become a Top Wedding Planner – 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking On a Partner


Starting out as a wedding planner, you might think it’s a good idea to partner with someone, even for a short time, to get your business going.  If so, approach with caution!  Here are 3 things you want to avoid:

  • Not being clear about responsibilities. You must know what tasks you are each supposed to do whether it is administrative duties, marketing and sales or customer service.
  • Not agreeing on the amount of money you will each get for your work. Before you get any clients, you must know how much will be put back into the business, how that money will be spent and how much you will each be paid.  Also, if you decide to go your separate ways, you need to your how to divide your property.
  • Not having all agreements in a written contract. You might think you are friends and don’t need to formalize your agreements.  Or, maybe you are just trusting.  Having a contract doesn’t mean you don’t trust each other, it means you want to operate as professionals and want clear understanding of your partnership.

I know of many entrpruneurs who didn’t take the time to formalize their agreement with their partner when they started.  They were very sorry because they ended up losing their investment of time and money.  Don’t be like them.  Be very clear on the division of time, labor, and money, from the very beginning.

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