Become a Top Wedding Planner – 3 Places to Find Design and Marketing Professionals


Wedding Planner Working with Web Designer

I blog a lot about needing professional-looking websites and marketing material for your wedding planning business.  Yesterday I received a call from someone who had no idea who to contact to get professional services.  If this is also true for you, here are some places to look for people who can create logos, design websites, design business cards, write marketing material, and much more:


Are there websites and marketing material of other business people that appeal to you?  Ask who they used and get their contact information.

Local Business Referral and Leads Groups and Chambers of Commerce

Many designers and writers belong to networking groups so they can pick up new clients.  Interview them and see if they would be right for you.  By the way, don’t just select a professional because they are part of your group, find the best match for you and your business.

Online Sites for Freelancers

There are sites such as,, and where you can post your project and how much you are willing to pay.  People bid to do the work for you.  The freelancers on these sites can be from anywhere in the world.  Many are seasoned professionals who use these sites to find part-time work.  Read the ratings and comments carefully and be very specific about what you want and when you want it.  You might also want them to complete a “Work for Hire” agreement so it is clear that you own the work that they do for you.  

Designers and writers have portfolios and samples that they can show to you, so be sure you ask to see them.  Also, start by giving them small projects first so you can test how well you work together and see if you like their work before making a major investment.

If you need printing, again you can check local sources but there are are online printers who do quality work for a good price.  Check sites such as and, they are also willing to send samples of their paper and printing to you.  (Do not get the the free products and services from online companies that advertise their company on your marketing materials.)

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