Become a Top Wedding Planner – 3 Reasons Why Brides May Not Hire You


The May/June 2011 issue of Bridal Guide magazine has an article that advises brides on hiring wedding planners and other wedding vendors. In the section of the article, “Avoid Rip-Offs,” they tell brides what they should not accept from vendors.

Here are the 3 things they tell brides to avoid – these are the sales practices that WON’T get you hired:

1) High-pressure sales tactics

Trying to rush a bride into hiring you by saying you already have others interested in the same date, or telling them you can only offer a special lower price until the end of the day, will not get you hired. No one likes feeling “forced” to make a quick decision. You don’t want a bride who is going to have “buyer’s remorse.”

2) A vendor who acts like a best friend

Brides are suspicious of vendors who pay them lavish compliments and attempt to sound like they are a best friend when they don’t even know them. Brides are interested in hiring  professionals to help them plan their weddings. They already have best friends, their maids or matrons of honor.

3) A contract that does not have specific details

Always be very clear about your rates and the services you will provide. A bride should not be surprised by any fees.

Brides want to work with vendors they know, like and trust. Give brides the chance to get to know you by exhibiting at bridal fairs, posting frequently on your blog and social networking sites, and spending time networking at social events that the brides in your network attend.

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