Become a Top Wedding Planner – 3 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Start Marketing Yor Wedding Business


Often times I find that new wedding planners aren’t successful because they don’t know what to do to attract brides, but because they can’t seem to get themselves to do what it takes to generate business. It can be due to lack of confidence but sometimes it’s just procrastination. They feel overwhelmed and a bit fearful so they find other things to do instead, or they let little “emergencies” take up their time.

The April 2011 issue of Real Simple magazine has an article with tips on stopping procrastination. Here are 3 of my favorite ideas that may work for you:

1) Break your tasks down into small pieces

Let’s say you know you need to create all of the copy for your new website. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the idea that this is a massive project, think in terms of creating one page at a time. One time you might pull together the information about your services and packages and their benefits and write copy, or prepare information for the person who will do it for you. Another time you can select the photos from your events that you will use and put together a portfolio or photo gallery page. You don’t need to think about doing the entire website all at once.

2) Set a timer

I learned this when taking a writing course and it is a tip that you can use when you are struggling with writing a blog post or article. Think of a topic you want to write about. Set a kitchen timer for 10 minutes. Write everything you can think of about your topic in those minutes, without editing. When the timer rings, stop, edit your work and finish it. Setting a timer will help you focus your mind on your topic and make it easier to move past any writer’s block you may have.

3) Don’t interrupt yourself

This is one of the most important things you need to do. Turn off your email, Twitter, instant message and Facebook alerts so you can get your work done. As the author of the article wrote, the people sending these messages “aren’t interrupting you, you are interrupting yourself.”  You are allowing yourself to get distracted by the many messages coming in rather than focusing on getting the message about your business out.

You are not going to be successful until you stop procrastinating and start taking the action you know you need to take to have the wedding planning business of your dreams.

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    Nice post. I just had a discussion today with one of my mentors about why I hadn’t started working towards getting clients. Part of it is that lack of confidence which in turn leads to procrastination. This post helps me solidify the resolve I made to stop blocking my own success. Thanks!

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