Become a Top Wedding Planner – 4 Characteristics of Good Testimonials


Once you have gathered your wedding planning testimonials, which I blogged about in my last post, you need to decide which ones would be the best to use in your marketing.

Here are 4 characteristics of good testimonials:

1) They include specific benefits

You will get testimonials that say, “Jane is nice to work with and did a great job planning my wedding.” This is fine and while you can put this in your marketing materials, the best testimonials are very clear about the benefits a bride receives from using your wedding planning services.

For example, “I started to plan my wedding myself but was confused and stressed by the process of trying to find the people I needed to create my dream wedding. When I hired Jane, she stepped in and immediately introduced me to wedding vendors who could create what I wanted within my budget. On my wedding day, she took charge, managing all of the vendors and the details, allowing me to enjoy my day.”

This will let a potential client know that the benefits of working with you are that you have access to a good network of vendors, you are conscious of a bride’s budget and you can take care of everything on the wedding day so a bride can relax.

2) They are believable

In an effort to help you, a client might exaggerate the benefits they received from hiring you. For example, “I was able to have a $1,500,000 for $5000 with Jane’s help.”

Potential clients may find it hard to believe this type of statement and distrust any other information you have written. Make sure the benefits are ones you can actually offer to a client.

3) They target you niche

The testimonial speaks to how well you handle weddings in your niche. For example, if you handle Asian weddings, make sure you have a testimonial that mentions how well you know the customs and traditions and were able to help the bride and groom follow them.

4) They are authentic

It goes without saying that you should NEVER make up testimonials. If you are a brand new wedding planner, go back to the brides whose weddings you planned for free and ask them for testimonials. If you aren’t able to get any, go ahead and create your website and add them in later. If you must print marketing pieces, do a very small quantity and update them with testimonials with the next printing.

Sometimes a client will ask you what you would like them to say in their testimonial. Don’t be shy, tell them.

By the way, for your potential client to best see your testimonials, scatter them throughout your website or printed material. A good place would be to match a description of your services with a comment from a former client that points out the benefits of that service. Websites or sections in brochures that just list testimonials are often overlooked by the audience you’re trying to reach.

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