Become a Top Wedding Planner – 4 Objections Brides May Have About Hiring You and How to Overcome Them


When you meet with a bride to discuss your wedding planning services, chances are good that she will come up with some objections during your meeting. Don’t take them personally, it’s natural for a bride to want to make sure she is getting the best from the vendors that she hires.

Here are 4 objections a bride might have and how you can respond to them:

1) She thinks it is too soon to hire a wedding planner, she wants to delay making a decision

Share with her some of the details that that need to be taken care of before her wedding. Explain that it is best to start early so you and she have ample time to work together to create the wedding of her dreams. Use examples from your own experiences with brides who listened to you, and started working with you early, and tell how they were able to relax and enjoy the wedding planning process because of it.

2) She believes she can do many of the things in your service packages herself or with the help of her family and friends

Acknowledge that fact it’s wonderful that she has people who are willing to help. Explain your experiences with the type of wedding that she wants and remind her that her family and friends will appreciate her wedding more if they can relax and enjoy it without worrying about what they might need to do. Also, since you are a professional, she can be confident that you will take care of all of the important details.

3) She thinks your services are expensive

Don’t apologize for your rates. Emphasize the benefits and the value of your services, how they can save her time, money and stress. You can cite a brief  example of how you can help her based on information she gives to you about her wedding vision.

4) She isn’t sure you have the knowledge or experience to plan her wedding

The bride needs to feel like she can trust you. Take the time to build rapport with her before you launch into any sales conversation. Learn her story and let her know how truly interested you are in her and in helping her have the wedding that she wants. Share your portfolio and testimonials from other brides so she understands what you can do.

Don’t panic when a bride raises objections. If you anticipate what they are and prepare for your meeting in advance, you will be relaxed and can easily respond to her concerns in a confident manner.

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4 Responses to “Become a Top Wedding Planner – 4 Objections Brides May Have About Hiring You and How to Overcome Them”


    how do you get the first client when you don’t have an extensive portfolio?


    Thanks for sharing this… it is going to help!


    Hi Afzia,

    Thanks for your comment. Glad you found it helpful.



    Your first clients will probably be people you know or people who have been referred to you.

    Are you out talking to people about your business?

    Have you collected high – quality photographs from all of the events you have planned?

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