Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Easy Steps for Wedding Fair Followup Emails


Bride Reading Email From a Wedding Planner

In my last post I mentioned sending emails to attendees who visited your wedding fair booth. There was some concern about the additional time it would take to start doing a series of emails or ezines on top of blogging, connecting on Facebook and Twitter, going to networking events, planning weddings and trying to have a personal life.

I know. However, marketing is part having a successful wedding planning business.

Sending emails helps you stay in front of brides who have already seen you but weren’t ready to buy at that time.

The emails don’t have to be lengthy, in fact it is best if they are not. Brides don’t have the time to commit to reading long emails.

Here are 5 easy steps to take:

  1. Use one of the email services that I mentioned yesterday (Constant Contact and Vertical Response) or any of the many others that you can find when you Google “email marketing”. Check their rates and see what suits your budget.

  2. Create, or have someone create, a template for you that you can use every time you send out an email. The template should have a header with your company name. Many people use a smaller version of the header from their website or blog. At the bottom, the template should give your web or blog address and contact information. You might also want to add a photograph of yourself so they can connect with who you are.

  3. In the “body” of the template, in the first email after a wedding fair, thank people for visiting your booth.

  4. In subsequent emails, offer good content, for example: a wedding planning tip, a wedding trend, answer a frequently asked question, show a photo from a wedding you planned and briefly tell what you did, or use an excerpt from your blog.

  5. Invite the reader back to your website or blog and ask them to follow you on Facebook and Twitter and give them a link to get there easily.

Get your “Thank you” email designed and written before the wedding fair and you’ll be able to send it as soon as you get the attendee list.

Then send out followups once a week, on the same day of the week, to stay in front of brides while they are in the early planning stages of their weddings. You can write emails in advance and schedule them to be sent at another time.

By the way, don’t take it personally when someone “unsubscribes”, not every bride is right for you.

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