Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Working with a Web Designer


A wedding planner emailed me asking questions about her website. While I was reviewing it, I recalled my first websites and the costly mistakes I had made while working with web designers.

Here are 5 of my mistakes that you should avoid when you work with web designers:

1) I let them quote me a price before they interviewed me and knew what I wanted

Web designers might be able to give you a starting price, but they really can’t tell you exactly how much your site will cost without interviewing you. They need to know about you, your business, your clients, what you want your site to look like and how large or small you want your site to be. 

2) I thought they could help me write, or at least edit, my content

When I first started, I had no idea what to say on my website, most wedding and event planners didn’t even had sites yet (I know, I’m dating myself). I thought part of what a web designer did was write or edit content but this is not what most of them can do. You will need to write your copy yourself or hire someone to do it for you. If the web designer says they have this skill, ask to read some of the content they have written before you hire them to do this.

3) I allowed them to make decisions about my design

On one of my sites, I thought the font was too small, I was told there was no way to change it. Also, I had requested that the design be centered and he had left-justified it then told me he hadn’t recalled our discussion and it would take too long to change it. Now that I upgrade my own sites, I know that he could easily have made the changes. You should have a written contract with your web designer outlining exactly what you want,  how much you will be charged and how long it will take. Also the contract should tell you when you could be charged for changes and how much the charges might cost.

4) I assumed they understood marketing and how to optimize my site for search engines

Many web designers know design and can give you a beautiful site for your wedding planning business. You need your site to be professional and attractive but you also need it to be easy to use and easy to find. Beware of anyone who is only concerned with design and isn’t well educated in search engine optimization and marketing.

5) I gave them control of my sites

I used to leave updating  to my web designers. Whenever I wanted to add content, I would call them and ask them to do it for me. They did it, for a price. I had no idea how to get into my site or how they got into it to make changes. Don’t do this! You own your site, you should be in control of it and at least know the passwords for updating it.

There are some good web designers out there, do some research, get referrals and find someone who can design an affordable website for you that helps you attract brides.

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