Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 “Must Have” Items for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit


If you have just started as a wedding planner, chances are you are just beginning to build a wedding day emergency kit that will help you rescue you bridal parties from their wardrobe mishaps.

I just read that the company Bristols 6, who works with professional stylists in Hollywood and has many celebrity fans, has come up with a Stylin’ Kit that includes “must-haves” that you might not have thought of including in your kits.

Here are 5 of their items that should be in your kits along with information on where you can get the items separately:

1) Bra clips – Although there are many brands available, you have probably have seen these in Strap Perfect infomercials on television. These clips help hide bra straps.

2) Deodorant sponges – reusable, sponge-like pads that erase deodorant and make up powder from dark clothes. One company that makes these is Gal-Pal.

3) Fashion tape – a double stick tape made especially for use on skin and clothing. It secures necklines, anchors slipping straps, prevents wrap dresses from opening, and holds up strapless bras and clothing. Bristol 6 calls theirs Stylin’ Tape.

4) Foot cushions – there are ball-of-foot cushions that stop feet from sliding forward in high heels, heel cushions that relieves stress on heels, and strips that stop straps from cutting into feet. Foot Petals has a good variety.

5) Pasties – for coverage under sheer fabrics. Bristol 6 has a great one, Nippies Skin, that comes in different skin tones.

Brides rely on you to be prepared for their emergencies on their wedding day, make sure you have what you need to be prepared.

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3 Responses to “Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 “Must Have” Items for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit”


    Dear Sharon:
    I just want to say Thank You again for being such a wonderful inspiration to wedding planners and I enjoy all your postings. Please keep them coming, It’s a treat reading them. In this posting for example, my foot petal actually came in handy for a bride I recently worked with. I was happy that I got to help her relieve some of the pain she had from all the walking that day!

    Amy Ling


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    Hi Amy,

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts and to write a comment.

    It sounds like you are great at finding helpful, creative things for your emergency kit. I’m sure that your brides really appreciate you.


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