Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Nightmares Brides Have and How You Can Address Them in Your Marketing


When brides plan their own weddings, the planning takes over their lives, they think and worry abou it 24/7. The current issue of  the magazine ” The Knot – Northern California,” and probably other local editions of their magazines throughout the country, has an article in which they feature comments recent brides have made about the nightmares they had prior to their weddings. The comments reveal their main concerns, the ones you can address in your blog, marketing materials and your conversations with brides.

Here are 5 of their nightmares and how you can address them:

1) “. . . the wedding was in a few days, and nothing had been done. . .”

Your marketing should assure the bride that you will handle the details, from the save-the-dates to her grand exit, in plenty of time so she doesn’t have to be stressed in the last few days before her wedding. You can give her status on the details that are of concern to her, if she feels a need to know.

2) “. . . the band didn’t show up. . .”

A big concern a DIY bride has is making sure her vendors arrive while she is busy getting ready for her wedding. If you are in charge of her day, you confirm their arrival times in advance and you keep a contact list so you can follow up if anyone is missing. You also know whom you can contact from your wedding vendor network  for help at the last minute, if you need to do so.

3) “. . . I was late. . .”

You give a schedule to everyone on the night of rehearsal and, with a contact list of every member of the wedding party, you follow up if anyone runs late.

4) “. . . my mother had instructed the vendors. . .”

You are the point of contact for the vendors and they should come to you if they are asked for changes. If  you know that a bride’s mother does not have the final word, you will take control.

5) ” …the day of the wedding arrived and nobody was setting anything up. . .”

A bride doesn’t have to worry if she isn’t present during setup and she doesn’t have to send an inexperienced friend or relative to see that setup goes smoothly. You will manage setup while she is preparing to be a beautiful bride.

Learn what keeps your brides up at night and what their biggest nightmares are and address them in your marketing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a bride has a nightmare, she wakes up, remembers that you are her wedding planner, and goes peacefully back to sleep? Or, even better, if she doesn’t have any nightmares at all because you are handling all the stress of planning her wedding?

You offer services that can help brides sleep peacefully, make sure they know it.

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