Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Tips for Creating a Bride-Winning Brochure


Earlier this month I blogged about marketing your wedding planning business with printed materials, including brochures. Brochures put information about you and your services in the hands of potential clients and people who can refer you. Remember, people are not online all of the time, you need to do offline marketing also.

Here are 5 tips for creating a great brochure:

1) First decide who the brochure is for

The brochure that you create to hand out at a bridal show should be targeted to the brides that niche and explain how your services can help them solve their problems. You could even mention a special offer for having visited your booth. While a brochure that you give to wedding vendors to distribute to their clients may have more general information. So decide before you create your brochure who your audience is and where you will hand it out.

2) Set your budget

To create a good brochure you may need to invest in a graphic artist, copy writer, photographer and printer. Compare prices of local vendors and check the web. Many times you can get high quality work from freelancers and vendors on the Internet. Ask for work samples and allow plenty of lead time to get the printed materials to you without rush charges.

3) Remember, you don’t have to mention everything that you do

When you write your copy, use attention-getting headlines, tell features and benefits, and break up copy with photographs from weddings you have done. Many people won’t read every word of what you write so keep it simple and pleasing to look at so they get a good idea of your services when they quickly skim your information. 

4) Proofread it

When you, your designer and copy writer have laid out your brochure, give it to someone who has never seen it before to read and review before you print it. It is very easy to miss simple, but serious, mistakes when you have been working on it closely.

5) Have a “call to action”

Tell the reader what you want them to do after reading the brochure. For example, tell them to go to your website and sign up to get a copy of a free wedding planning checklist or subscribe to your e-newsletter. Or, tell them to call you for a free 20 minute consultation. If you don’t tell them what to do, you probably won’t hear from any of them.

Having a well-written, well-executed brochure is an important part of marketing for your wedding planning business.

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