Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Tips for Determining the Services You Offer to Brides


New wedding planners often ask me, “What services should I offer?” I’m glad they are asking that question and not just offering what they think brides need.

Here are 5 tips for selecting the services you should offer:

1) Do your research and find out what the brides in your niche need

Years ago, when I  first started, I selected a niche and created my services without doing any research. Then I wondered why I didn’t have very many clients. Don’t do this. Do your research and select your niche. Then find out what problems your brides have when it comes to planning their weddings and offer the services that solve those problems.

2) Select services they will pay for

There are often services that brides need but would not be willing to pay to have. Find out what they need and want so much that they will pay for it and create a marketing message that sells them on the benefits.

3) Make sure you can make a profit

If the services cost you a lot of time and money to provide, be sure you are able to charge appropriately or you won’t be making a profit.

4) Choose services that you have the skills to provide

You either need to have the skills to provide the services yourself or  partner with someone who does. Your brides expect the best.

5) Create a unique service or package

Do some brainstorming, are there services you can offer the brides in your niche that no one else is currently selling? If so, these are the things that will make you stand out and be in high demand.

Don’t just offer the same services that other wedding planners do, they may not be targeting the same niche and you have no idea whether or not they are successful. 

Take the time to study your target market and make your decisions based on your research.

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