Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Ways to Beat the Wedding Planner Blues


Sometimes you have a bad day. You don’t get the client that you want, the bride you are working with blames you for problems that are not your fault, or all of the wedding planning you are doing today seems to be difficult. Your self-confidence goes down and you start to feel that maybe you aren’t cut out to do this. STOP! Don’t allow yourself to go down the path of low self-esteem.

Here are 5 ways to beat those blues:

1) Take a break

Listen to music, take a walk, dance, meditate, or read an uplifting book. Do something that will help you shift your your mind into a more positive state.

2) Ask yourself if all of those bad things you are thinking about yourself are really true

Haven’t you already helped brides and been successful? Haven’t you had days when planning has really gone smoothly? Or, other days when things didn’t go well and everything came out great in the end? In other words, shift your thinking to the times when you had success.

3) Remember the unique qualities that you offer your brides

You are one of a kind, no one can offer brides the same combination of skills, knowledge, and intuition that you offer. There are brides out there who are looking for someone with your talents.

4) Spend time with people who support you

You should only have friends who are supportive, help you think positively, and are a positive influence on you.

5) Fill your mind with positive information

Television and the Internet can be filled with news and images that are depressing and make you think that nothing is right in the world. Stay away from all of that and instead look for things that affirm positive beliefs about life and people. It will actually help you feel better about yourself.

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