Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Ways to Keep Your Marketing On Track During the Holidays



It’s “Engagement Season,”  which is Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day in the USA, the time when many couples get engaged and the perfect time to be actively marketing your wedding planning business.

But it’s also the holidays, which can mean increased stress as you juggle your business along with personal responsibilities that you normally don’t have, such as holiday shopping, decorating and entertaining.

Here 5 tips for getting your marketing done without becoming “undone:”

1) Create reasonable goals for marketing your business through “Engagement Season”

Don’t plan to exhibit at every bridal show, attend every networking event and redo your website all before Valentine’s Day. Select a few things that will bring you the most success and that you believe you can accomplish in the time that you have. It’s fine to make yourself stretch but if your goals are unrealistic, you will get frustrated and not do any of them.

2) Make a plan and a schedule for accomplishing those goals

Once you know what you need to accomplish, determine what you can do each day to make it happen and write it down in your calendar. You are more likely to complete tasks when you write them down.

3) Review your goals and tasks every morning

This will help you focus on what you need to do and motivate you to move forward.

4) Decide what you will not do during this time

In addition to deciding the tasks you need to accomplish, decide what things you might give up. You want to be successful at marketing your business but still have time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

5) Applaud yourself for your accomplishments

If you run your wedding planning business by yourself, no one is around to praise you for your accomplishments so don’t forget to pat yourself on the back when you have completed your goals or your tasks for the day.

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