Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Ways to Use Your "Ideal Client" Information


Wedding Planners Need to Find Their Ideal Clients

Last week one on my blog posts gave you a list of questions you should answer about your ideal clients.

Here are 5 ways you can use that information:

1) Create the services, packages and products your ideal clients need and will buy

Knowing who your ideal clients are will help you decide what you are going to offer. For example, if you are targeting women in executive positions, you might see that it is important to them to have someone else take charge of the details of planning a wedding. So you decide to develop different levels of full service packages versus ones that allow brides to take care of a lot of details themselves.

2) Write targeted marketing copy

Now that you have researched and know details about your ideal clients, you can write to them in a way that attracts them. For instance, first time brides have different concerns about their weddings than brides who are about to get married for a second time and have children. When you know which brides you are speaking to, you can write in a way that addresses their concerns and makes them want to hire you.

3) Reach them on the Internet

Your research should have identified if they spend a lot of time on the Internet checking wedding and bridal websites for information, becoming fans of different wedding pages on Facebook and tweeting about their wedding plans. If so, you can make sure that you are highly visible on these sites by answering questions on wedding forums and boards, frequently posting useful information on your Facebook fan page and commenting on other people’s fan pages (please don’t make sales pitches, just contribute to the conversations). You become known as an expert and they will think of you when they need the help of a wedding planner.

4) Reach them offline

If you know where your ideal clients go, the organizations they belong to and the hobbies they engage in, you should consider taking part in those activities also. For instance, think of all of the men and women who have taken up the sport of golf to network and meet business clients. Do something similar. Don’t expect anyone to hire you on-the-spot, take the time to build relationships and trust.

5) Tell people you know who you want as clients

When you network with other wedding vendors or even when talking to friends and relatives about your business, don’t be afraid to tell people who you ideal client is. Also, this is important, tell people what you can do for your clients. It’s always important to tell the benefits of your services.

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