Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Wedding Planning Concerns That Your Couples May Share with Prince William and Kate



It’s the week of the Royal Wedding and the May 2011 issue of Brides magazine has a special section featuring a fantasy royal wedding with wedding dresses, tiaras, jewelry and accessories designed to make your brides look like princesses.

The magazine also has an article comparing the similarities between Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s wedding planning concerns and those of most engaged couples.

Here are 5 of the concerns and how you might help your brides deal with them:

1) The guest list

Prince William and Kate had to decide if they were going to invite heads of state and politicians along with their friends.

Your brides and grooms may have to decide whether or not they include all of their relatives, co-workers and their parents’ friends and co-workers. Suggest your couples sit down with their parents and decide who and how many they can invite, the number has a huge impact on the budget and the planning itself.

2) The budget

Who pays for what? With Prince William’s family having access to billions, they are paying for most of the wedding. However, Kate’s family is footing the bill for her dress, her stay in a hotel the night before the wedding and personal expenses which came to about about $164,000 US Dollars.

There are traditions regarding who pays for what but today, with many brides and grooms contributing or even paying for their own weddings, the rules have changed. Just make sure everyone is clear about their financial responsibilities so there are no surprises on the wedding day.

3) Making the wedding about them

With a guest list that includes royalty and celebrities, it’s easy for the focus to move away from the bride and groom and their special day. This can happen whether or not guests are famous.

Keep your bride and groom focused on the day being the start of a marriage and see that they use their wedding to show an expression of their love and commitment to each other.

4) Honoring deceased parents

Prince William lost his mother at a young age. He honored her by giving Kate his mother’s engagement ring. This is one way way to do it.

Your couple can honor a deceased parent by mentioning them in the ceremony, displaying their photograph at the reception, or having one of their favorite songs sung during the wedding or reception.

5) Reigning in a rowdy best man

Prince Harry is his brother’s best man and is known to misbehave in public.

If your couple have a rowdy best man, suggest he go ahead and do what he wants at a bachelor party that takes place a few days before the wedding.  Ask that he rehearse his wedding toast with you and confirm that he understand the purpose of a toast at a reception is to wish the happy couple well, not to roast them.

Check out the May issue of Brides for more information and to see the great tiaras and wedding accessories that are fit for a princess.

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