Become a Top Wedding Planner – 6 Questions to Answer Before You Invest in End-of-Year Marketing Opportunities


I’m starting to get calls and emails pitching ways to advertise and market in January. You are probably getting them too, offers to start the New Year right by joining a business group, buying advertising, and exhibiting in business trade shows, bridal shows or wedding fayres.

Here are 6 questions to answer before you jump in and take advantage of next offer that promises you success: 

1) What is your marketing plan for 2011?

You want to have a written marketing plan, along with your business plan, before you investing in marketing. Your plan should include using a variety of marketing methods, both online and off, throughout the entire year.

2) What is your budget for marketing in 2011?

Along with your plan you should set a budget for the year. Don’t spend it all in the first quarter by grabbing all of the opportunities people are offering right now.

3) Is the opportunity targeted to your business and your niche?

A newspaper, magazine or directory, both online and off, may have a lot of readers but all of those readers are not the brides that you are looking for so the numbers aren’t meaningful for you. The same goes for business and bridal shows, the events need to have the brides you are looking for or provide you a way to meet new vendors with whom you can do business.

4) If the opportunity involves your time, can you devote your time to it?

If you can’t attend regular meetings of a business group, you won’t be able to make the connections and form the relationships that could benefit your business. If you exhibit at a bridal show, you need to make sure you have the time to plan your participation prior to the event and do follow up work after the event.

5) Might there be some hidden costs?

A  business group might sound like it has a reasonable membership cost but find out if you are also expected to buy a meal and drinks whenever you meet or pay for all the seminars you attend. A booth at a show may be a small price but you also need to pay for travel, staff and marketing materials. These are all normal costs but you need to take them into consideration when you sign up.

6) Is the salesperson making you feel like you’ll never make it if you don’t invest in their opportunity?

I hate this! Aggressive sales people sometimes try to bully you into buying their advertising. They try to make you feel like you won’t be successful if you don’t invest in their product or service. Don’t succumb to this sales tactic! Never let anyone make you feel badly about yourself.

There are some good opportunities for you to market you business, just be sure you know what you are getting when you invest.

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