Become a Top Wedding Planner – 6 Things to Know Before You Offer “Day of” Wedding Coordination


Sometimes a bride doesn’t want to hire a wedding planner to plan her entire wedding, she believes she just wants someone to help her on her wedding day. You might think it is a great way to get started as a wedding planner and you can start this way. However, realize that “day of” doesn’t mean you are only going to work on the day of the wedding.

Here are 6 things you should know about “day of” wedding coordination before you offer it:

1) You must plan to meet with the bride and find out what she expects of you

It’s almost impossible to coordinate a wedding day without meeting with the bride at least once or twice, preferably at her venues, so she can explain and point out how she envisions her day.

You also need to determine what services she expects. You may be asked to design the floor plan for her reception, run the rehearsal, organize the ceremony, assist with the photography session, lay out escort cards, place cards and favors, coordinate deliveries, oversee vendor setup, provide assistants, oversee the cleanup and pick up all of the last minute details that she never got around to completing. Make sure you are both clear on the services you are providing and list all of  these services in your contract.

2) You must get detailed information and study all of her contracts

Since you were not part of the entire planning process, you will need the bride to give you detailed information about the products and services she purchased. You will need copies of all of her vendor contracts at least a week or two before the wedding so you can review them. The bride needs to tell her vendors that she has hired you to do the coordination on the day of her wedding so they know you will be in charge.

3) You must get or create a timeline

A very organized bride will have a timeline of her day to give to you. If she doesn’t, you will need to create one.

The timeline should include a detailed schedule not only of the wedding party (when are they scheduled to arrive at the site, what time hair and makeup will be done, etc.), ceremony (when guests will be seated, what time the procession will start, etc.) and reception (the time dinner is served, when the bouquet will be tossed, etc.)  but also when deliveries and vendors are expected to arrive to setup and what time all decorations and people need to be cleared out.

4) You must find out if the bride has paid her vendors

You do not want to be told that something can’t be done on the wedding day because the bride has not paid her bills. You will have to get confirmation in advance that she has handled her financial responsibilities.

5) “Day of” wedding coordination could add up to over 40 hours of work

With all of the preparation that you need to do to prior to the wedding day, then also oversee the rehearsal, ceremony, reception and cleanup on the day itself, you may be doing about 40 hours, or more, of work. You will need to plan your schedule accordingly and also price your services so you can make a profit.

6) You need to make sure you have the experience to deliver the services the bride needs

As you can tell, “day of ” wedding coordination isn’t as simple as it sounds. Make sure you can really give the bride the day she envisions before you accept her as a client.

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