Become a Top Wedding Planner – 6 Ways to Be Successful Exhibiting at Bridal Shows and Wedding Fayres


With the start of the new year comes bridal show season! This past weekend many newly engaged brides, along with members of their wedding parties, and sometimes their grooms, started attending bridal events to research ideas for planning their big day and to begin their search for wedding vendors.

Here are 6 basic things to do to be successful at exhibiting in a bridal show or wedding fayre:

1) Have goals for what you want to accomplish

Set realistic goals for the number of contracts, appointments and contacts you want to make. The goals will help keep you focused when a bride wants to take up an hour of your time planning her wedding for free.

2) Create your after-show marketing campaign

Before your bridal show or wedding fayre, create your marketing follow-up. If you wait to after the event to do this, you won’t get it done in time.

3) Hire help

Bring a well-trained assistant or staff member with you, even if the event is very small. You want to be able to talk to as many brides as possible and you want to be able to take a break.

4) Set up your booth in a way that reflects your style and is inviting

Show off your skills to attract brides to your booth and set it up so it is easy for them to talk to you.

5) Make it a point to meet other wedding vendors

Take this opportunity to meet other vendors to add to your network and plan to contact them after the show for a meeting.

6) Follow up right after the event

Start contacting brides who showed interest in your services within 48 hours of the event.

And if you want more information and details about how you can exhibit successfully, get a copy of my downloadable Action Guide, “Exhibiting at Bridal Shows and Wedding Expos.”

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    Perfect timing for this article since I will be doing my first wedding expo this coming weekend. Thank you!


    You’re welcome. Glad the post is helping you.

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