Become a Top Wedding Planner – 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Contacting Experienced Wedding Planners for Interviews and Internships


New Wedding Planner Listening to an Experienced Wedding Planner

Like many experienced wedding and event planners, I get a lot of calls and email requests for informational interviews, internships, and jobs.

Here are 7 mistakes you don’t want to make when requesting information or an internship with an experienced wedding planner:

Mistake #1 -You don’t do any research about the company before you contact the planner.

I’ve had letters and emails sent to “Dear Sir or Madam”, “Dear Become a Top Wedding Planner Blog”, and “To Whom It May Concern.”  My name and company name are on all of my websites.  If you want to be able to get the attention of a planner, review their website and blog, find out all you can about them before you call or write.  And, when you write to them, be sure you spell their name correctly.

Mistake #2 – You leave a message on voice mail or send an email implying you may be a potential client who has questions.

You must be honest about why you want to talk to a professional.  Don’t leave vague messages saying you have questions about events and don’t ever fill out a contact form on a planner’s website that is meant for potential clients.

Mistake #3 – You call and launch into questions right away.

When you get a wedding planner on the phone, introduce yourself, ask if they would be willing to talk to you, and set up an appointment if they are.  Don’t assume they will have time to talk to you when you call.  And even if you have been referred by someone who says they “know the planner,”  you still need to introduce yourself.  Many people call me and say they were told by “so and so” that I would be happy to talk to them and “so and so” has either never told me or may even be someone I only met once.

By the way, when you ask someone to schedule time to talk to you, you must follow through and call or meet when scheduled.  If you don’t, you will never get the planner to schedule an appointment with you again.  And don’t forget to send a “Thank You” after your contact, preferably a handwritten note in the mail.  So few people do this that it will make you stand out from the crowd.

Mistake #4 – You send your resume without any prior contact.

Contact the planner first and ask if they are interested in hiring or need interns before you send a resume.   And speaking of resumes, if you are sending them to a number of different planners, don’t send it to everyone in one email with “Undisclosed Recipients” or a blank “To”, that shouts,”I don’t know anything about you or your business, I just want someone to hire me.”

Mistake #5 – You ask for names of vendors.

I recently receive a call from someone I only met once asking me for the names of the people who took my headshot, designed my websites, printed my business cards, etc.  I frequently get calls from new planners asking for my vendor list.  My network of vendors is important to me, I don’t give them out freely, and I especially don’t give them out to people I hardly know.   Once you have a network of vendors you will understand that you don’t want to ruin your relationships by referring someone you don’t know who may not be professional and doesn’t value their work.

Mistake #6 – You expect to be paid while you are being trained.

If you don’t have any experience, you will need to intern and work without pay.  In order to get a paying job with a wedding planner, you need to have the skills and experience the planner needs.

Mistake #7 – You ask for client referrals from planners who don’t know you.

New planners are sometimes told by friends to call local planners and ask them to pass clients to them when they get busy.   With their reputation on-the-line, an experienced planner cannot risk referring clients to someone they don’t know.

One of the reasons I wrote my ebook on becoming a wedding planner is to answer a lot of questions you have about getting started and teach you what you need to do to run a successful business.  You can read my journey of becoming a wedding planner and find out more about the ebook at

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