Become a Top Wedding Planner – 7 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Making Videos for Your Wedding Planning Business


Today, video cameras are inexpensive and relatively easy-to-use and many wedding planners are using video to market themselves. Video is a great way show brides your personality and help them get to know you by sharing your expertise and showcasing your wedding planning skills. And, like all of your marketing efforts, your videos need to make good impressions on potential clients.

Here are 7 mistakes wedding planners make with their videos and how you can avoid them:

Mistake #1 – They don’t look like a professional

On all of your videos you should look and dress the way you would for a first meeting with a bride. Thist means dressing professionally, combing your hair and wearing makeup. Even men should use some makeup, especially if you are filming in HD.

Mistake #2 – They don’t use a proper background or setting

You cannot sit at the bottom of your stairs and pet your cat while you are talking about your wedding planning services – yes, I have seen this. You should be in an office, with little in the background that would distract a viewer, or in front of a fairly plain background.

Mistake #3 – They hold the camera in front of them

If you are your own camera person and have a regular camcorder with a remote control, mount your camera on a tripod. If your camera does not have a remote control, mount it on a monopod so your video is less shaky than when you hold it out at arm’s length.

If you are using the webcam from your laptop, try to position yourself so you don’t just look like a talking head.

Mistake #4 – You can’t hear them

In one video, a planner had someone filming her as she showed how she put together a tabletop. However, her microphone was in the camera and I could hardly hear her. It’s best to have a camera that allows you to add an external microphone so people that you can hold or clip to your lapel so people can hear you speak. Many camcorders have this feature as does the small Kodak zi8.  (You can easily get these items on but they are often also available used at places like eBay.)

Mistake #5 – They video tape while walking and moving through a venue resulting in a  jerky video

You don’t want to give your viewers motion sickness when they watch your videos, move your camera slowly when you pan. If you plan to make a number of videos like this, you might consider taking some basic classes in videography.

Mistake #6 – They forget about background noise

Phones ringing, gardeners mowing the lawn, children playing, dogs walking around with their tags jiggling, and the television in the other room are all things that can be picked up by a microphone. Try to tape only when you can have silence.

Mistake #7 – They forget to say who they are or give their website address

Start your video by introducing yourself and giving your web address. You can also do this again at the end of the video and, if you use editing software, you can put the information across the top or bottom of the screen.

You don’t have to look like a celebrity to have videos on YouTube or your own website and blog but you do need appear professional. You have to make a good impression with brides so they are interested in contacting you for your services.

Read more on marketing with videos in a previous post.

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    Great idea! I heard that YouTube videos generate more traffic than other social media platforms these days. I’ll have to get on the ball and shoot a video! Thanks for sharing :)

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