Become a Top Wedding Planner – 7 Tips for Getting More Traffic to Your Blog


If you are a new wedding planner and recently started blogging, you might wonder if anyone is reading your posts, since you haven’t received any comments. If you just have one or two posts up, unless you have sent people to your blog, probably not. You will need to attract people to it and get them to return.

Here are a 7 tips for getting more traffic to your blog:

1) Send out a tweet on Twitter and a message on Facebook every time you write a blog post. You can do this automatically with a free service such as TwitterFeed or, if you have a hosted WordPress blog, use a plugin such as TwitterTools.

2) Post at least two to three times a week so search engines see your activity and your posts appear in search engines quickly.

3) Write useful information that will make brides want to return to read that you have to say.

4) Keep readers entertained. Use photos and videos. You can post photos from your events or buy stock photographs on websites such as iStockphoto. If you use photos from other sources, give them credit. Make your own videos featuring you talking about a relevant topic and upload them to your blog, it’s easy now with some of the fairly inexpensive digital video cameras available today.

5) Keep posts short and easy to read. If you have a lot to say on one topic, spread the information out over a few days. Make posts easy to read by using numbered lists and bullet points.

6) Have vendors in your network become “guest bloggers” to offer your readers information on their areas of expertise. This way you will be seen as the expert, the “go to” wedding planner for information on planning weddings in your area.

7) Write as if brides are reading your posts, even from the very first time you blog. I’ve often seen wedding planners’ first posts be nothing more than, “Hi, I’m learning to blog.” Or, “I need to go find clients.” You won’t get much traffic this way and when they do come, they’re not going to return. (Remember, that unless you delete your old posts, readers can see everything you wrote in the past.)

To check to see if anyone is reading your blog, use google analytics. Google analytics will allow you to see such things as: how much traffic is coming to your site each day, how much time they are spending on your site, where they came from, whether or not it was their first visit and what keywords brought them to you. You can easily set analytics up on your blog and your website or have your webmaster do it for you.

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